I-II-III Macaquinho do Chinês (2012)

Over the years I have realized that our learning has gone through the use of mimesis.

Mimesis is an important process in my work. Using the technique of illustration I develop several ideas, aiming to make paintings and several images, some of them later serving as background for scenarios of my videos.

These videos consist of showing small performances, loaded with oriental influences, with the aim of showing the caricature and quixotic side of the stereotypes on which I base myself by copying their representations of films, posters, murals, publicity, folk art, etc.

Also, the sounds of the videos are created by me using instrumental beat boxes, creating sound ambiences, such as scenarios, objects, sculptures and props, in excessive environments that reverberate this interest through the incoherent vernacular popular visual culture when it crosses the universe of the visual arts.

Many of the ideas of my work emerge from the direct influence of the 7th art, Eastern culture, Pop art, show, comedy and street art (urban).

Category.: Catalog   Publishing.: DongTai 

Author.: Bruno Maio Pages.: 76

Format.: A4               Release.: 2012

Country.: Portugal    DTDB.: 01