As Aventuras de Tó e Joaquim (2015)

In a comic record based on "Uma nova aventura de Quim e Manecas", a comic strip appears with the intention to make the readers laugh. Tó and Joaquim are known for their tricks, but only this time they did not count on the departure of Uncle Adelino and his jerico. And to enjoy a moment with much laughter in rhyme and talc powder to blend.

Category.: Comic     Publishing.: DongTai

Author.: Bruno Maio Pages.: 04

Format.: A4               Release.: 2015

Country.: Portugal    DTDB.: 04

Animation References (2018)

This book serves as reference for artists in area of animation, providing an easy search existing works of other artists. Its use is only like study of several works, that help a lot in the understanding of the animation in several points, like the creativity where they show their fantastic performance through their experience.

Category.: Book       Publishing.: DongTai

Author.: Bruno Maio Pages.: 58

Format.: A4               Release.: 2018

Country.: Portugal    DTDB.: 05